St Olav's Play, Norway

(4:47min / 4.4MB)

Show Notes:

Elisabeth Breivik, Solvaar Sivertsen and Inger Lomeland have recorded their thoughts about ‘Slaget Ved Stiklestad’ or ‘St Olav’s Play’, a draw for about 20,000 tourists in summer.

They are attracted to Stiklestad, a small place in the middle of Norway. why do they go there? Listen and find out.


Cava: A tour of the Freixenet "caves"

(4:05min / 3.07MB)

Show Notes:

By Montse Parra and Roser Romero

Montse and Roser take us on a tour of the Freixenet "caves", where cava (Catalan sparkling wine) is produced. This is located in Sant Sadurni d'Anoia in Catalonia.


Historical Tourism in Spain: the chance to not forget

(3:14min / 3MB)

Show Notes:

By Nuria Valero

Tourism related to the Spanish Civil War is not common in Spain for a variety of reasons. However, some initiatives have started to appear, as Nuria Valero points out in this report.

Flamenco and Tourism

(2:28min / 2.3MB)

Show Notes:

By Beatriz Tomeo

Flamenco is a big draw for the tourists who travel to Andalucia, in the south of Spain. What exactly is the attraction, and just where can you go to see and hear this rich musical tradition? In this podcast, Beatriz explains the answers to these and other questions.